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TequilaHi Tony. Could you update my server's IP? New IP is Thank you for your keeping RVS multiplayer games.5 months 4 weeks ago
TequilaThank you Tony and I found some old adv maps in HkM server... So interesting!5 months 3 weeks ago
TonyI am glad to see you return playing RVS Teq and that you are still enjoying the game. :)5 months 3 weeks ago
TequilaWe got old lol5 months 3 weeks ago
TequilaHmm Tony you seems to have mad a new mod map named "(SMC)NoEscape" from an old TacOps map. Keep good work!4 months 5 days ago
TonyYes, that was a while ago. I am kinda overloaded in these days, but I will come back once I am done renovating.3 months 4 weeks ago
TequilaTake care and I do wish you will recover mate.3 months 3 weeks ago
TequilaHi Tony. Could you update my server address when you have enough time? New IP is Take care of yourself mate.2 months 5 days ago
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