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Black Screen on Desktop PC

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Got up this morning and found my PC locked up with a black screen. Had to unplug it to reboot. My wife logged in and started a browser but in 5 minuets it froze again with a black screen. After the third time I shut it down and opened it up. Turned it on and checked fans and heat sinks. The CPU heat sink was dusty and warm so I pulled it off and blew out the dust. The thermal paste was pretty old and dried so I cleaned the CPU and heat sink and put on some new paste. Let it run for 30min then tried some RvS (off line) for another 30min. Seems OK but I think I will get some new paste and re-apply it sometime soon. Feel very lucky that the CPU apparently just shut down when it got hot instead of burning up. Not even sure I could get a new CPU (Phenom II X4 925) for this motherboard.

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Oops I was on LAN...got all the servers now....must be getting old:)

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Stuttering seems gone after increasing a couple cache sizes from 32meg. to 128meg. that I saw in your ini file.

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I am glad to hear that you have found it helpful.

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> must be getting old:)

No worries, some time ago I've also stopped getting younger. :)

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if you still have issues dont forget to set connection speed to T3 in options menu or try optimzation patch http://allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?id=91