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teste fabrication maps


je souhaiterais savoir si il était possible d’être invisible dans une carte qu'on viens de fabriquer, afin de faire des test, comme les échelles ect...
si oui, pourriez vous me donner la manip a faire..merci

I would like to know if it was possible to be invisible in a card that we just made, in order to make tests, like the scales ect ...
if yes, could you give me the manipulation to do..thanks

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par la meme occasion, je sais que SERPICO avait un lien pour pouvoir telecharger des fichiers qui pourrais manquer dans une carte, et en allant trop vite j'ai supprimer le lien, est ce que quelqu'un pourrait me le redonner s'il vous plais..merci beaucoup

at the same time, I know that SERPICO had a link to be able to download files that could be missing from a card, and by going too fast I deleted the link, could someone give it back to me if you please..thank you very much

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There is no way that you can make a map invisible. The recommended way is to use a separate server with password protection.

As for the maps, I don't know what exactly you are looking for, but you can find a large map collection here, that might help you to find old maps: