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Hello Mike and Tony. How are you doing. I've been a grandmother for a few weeks.
I'm going to have to get used to it. Im of course a younger grandma 48. It’s a grandson 😊
I hoop to play soon. Have to test the game on my laptop now.

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Congratulations to your grandson Xena!

I'll be back in game in the next couple of days. I am looking forward to play a couple of good rounds. Hopefully Mike can join us as well.


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Xena - Yes Congratulations on your new grandson. Grand-kids are great fun. All 5 of mine (ages 1yr to 11yr) will be at my house on Christmas day. It will be a noisy busy day but still great to see them all.

I downloaded about 30 maps so I can practice, but I have not been online for a while. Maybe after the new year we can play some maps together again.

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Sounds good, Mike. Unfortunately I have to buy RVS again for Windows 10. I don't mind that $5, though, what bothers me is the money goes to UBI. :D

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You dont have to. Message me ;)