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  • Reply to: TWI's new map Shipment   3 months 4 weeks ago

    Yeah thats fine you can use them anywhere. Most recently added was Wake Island (screenshot below)
    I should have the latest one (Blizzard) which is a very detailed winter map with blowing snow and everything done in a week or so. I have to put together a package of the latest two or three maps still. The others I only had put on the servers because otherwise folks would get mismatch errors but the last 2 or 3 maps have been in really high demand from people who have slower connections so I guess I will upload a few on ModDB for downloading.

    Some screen shots from Siberian Base 1 Remake: http://allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?id=169
    Some screen shots from Chalet Remake: http://allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?id=157
    Some screen shots from Storage Depot: http://allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?id=161
    Some screen shots from China map (and others) can be seen at: http://allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?id=13

    I have to get some videos and shots of other maps I've made cause there are so many haha.
    My plan soon is to make a promo video of clips from several maps original to new and use it as a trailer to advertise the game and I'm going to pay for an add on Facebook from https://www.facebook.com/allrainbowsix to grow the community again. Our Discord (R6CHAT.com) has over 1100 active members but we can always use more haha. I also have free copies of the game available for people that comes already patched and ready to play.

  • Reply to: TWI's new map Shipment   4 months 1 week ago

    Legacy - Wow sounds great. RvS map makers seem to be a very small group. Tony has fun (I think) fixing some of the older RvS maps that had map bugs but had not finished any new ones in a while. I have not tried map making. Is it OK with you to try your maps on our server?

  • Reply to: TWI's new map Shipment   4 months 2 weeks ago

    Why dont you follow ALLR6/R6CHAT.com?

    I have made 14 recent maps very detailed including the latest which is Wake Island and a new one which is a winter map coming this weekend. Over 400 hours spent working on the last one.

  • Reply to: Donation   6 months 2 weeks ago

    For me it is a pleasure and an honor @Tony @Mike :)
    This deserves it, a great work and effort of smclan to keep our jewel operative.

  • Reply to: Donation   6 months 2 weeks ago

    Thanks SOLID for your support of our server.