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  • Reply to: Huawei Watch GT Classic   1 month 2 weeks ago

    Very good, Mike. I especially like that it can handle 3 different GPS systems. I'm sure it has a good signal coverage.

  • Reply to: New Map - FIRE - 2019   2 months 3 weeks ago

    It looks great, but it's way too big for players to download with its 1.43GB.

    Just for comparison, the biggest map I have seen in the last 16 years was around 100MB and that is already gigantic. You might want to take it apart into smaller maps or change some textures to more common ones.

  • Reply to: New Map - FIRE - 2019   2 months 3 weeks ago

    Looks like a great map!

  • Reply to: Request to remove server (Playnow Missions)   5 months 6 days ago

    Hey cxn,

    Thanks for letting me know about it. It is too bad that you didn't have luck with the hosting company. I am also a big fan of Hostage Rescue, I should have played a couple of rounds on your server.

    Are you sure you don't want to try other hosters? There are still a few out there. Try to ask around in the community if there is any hoster who's reliable.

  • Reply to: Winter....   5 months 3 weeks ago

    Oh wow. Sounds like you can get the shovel prepared for the job.

    Sorry for the slow response. I log in on a daily basis but somehow I didn't see your message.