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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

    Who are Stalking Mercenaries Clan?
    We are an online tactical gaming group, founded in September 2012 by former co-admins and staff members of Masters Clan have broken away. The main focus of our group is playing and preserving the known Tactical Shooter game Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield by Ubisoft.

    Where does the name Stalking Mercenaries Clan come from?
    We are tactical players who prefer silent approach and teamplay instead of loud, rushing score competition.


    Are you still members of Masters Clan?
    No, we have resigned as members and we are an entirely independent organisation from Masters Clan and its management. MC members can view the original topic (MC's website is not available anymore)

    Why did you guys leave the original team?

    • persistent technical issues
    • poor communication and frequent personal collisions with the management
    • shrinking ontopic content on the team's website
    • ran out of energy

    How did you migrate Masters Clan's game servers and Ventrilo?
    The migrated services never belonged to Masters Clan. They were our own equipment we formerly donated to MC. After decided leaving we took what was ours and now operate them independently. They did have a remaining "Main Server" after we have left but was never properly configured.

    What is the point of a new clan?
    Small group, reliable, respectful and tolerant people = hassle free gaming.

    Who is the leader?
    We do not have a leader in one person, our Staff Members are the leaders.

    Then how do you make decisions without a one-person decision maker?
    We discuss, keep our word and do precisely what we agreed to.

    How many members do you have?
    Eight. Four Members and four Staff Members. For more details please visit the Our Team page.

    Why so few?
    Small team small problem, big team big problem.


    I was an active Masters Clan member when this clan was founded. So what am I now on the servers an -=MC=- or -=SMC=-?
    You are still a Masters Clan member and your tag is still -=MC=- should you prefer using one. If you'd like to join SMC as an old MC you need to indicate your intention by making a new topic in the appropriate forum on our website and it will be discussed.

    Are you recruiting new members?
    No, but may invite some.


    Raven Shield is an old, unsupported game with a short remaining lifetime. Why are you riding a dying horse?
    • we like Raven Shield
    • we are trying to preserve it as long as possible

    How can you preserve an obsolete game?

    • stable funding
    • playing regularly
    • moderating the servers regularly
    • protecting the constructive player community by well tried out rules
    • having rules toward the moderators as well
    • maintaining secure and reliable IT facility
    • providing alternative technical support to players with technical issues
    • enhancing the game experience by mods, new gaming maps and repaired old ones
    • keeping the website content ontopic and up-to-date

    What will you guys do after Raven Shield retires?

    • likely to sleep more
    • we will find other options to continue playing RVS

    Do you have plans on introducing new games?

    Do you play other online games than Raven Shield with the clan?