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Our Farewell Posts at Masters Clan

This document is a copy of our original farewell posted on www.masters-clan.com. Our intention was to indicate the community we are not members of Masters Clan anymore. Unfortunatelly the original posts were removed from the public's eye, although we still stand to its publicity.


    Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:41 am Post subject: No icon Masters Clan staff members leaving

    Hello Everyone,

    When I joined Masters Clan a year ago I promised to build a new website, rebuild Masters Clan's servers in order to provide hassle free gaming, easy server management, more reliable game services and lesser total cost of operation.

    After the original 200 server was cancelled by the former donator (-=MC=-Funcky) in January, I continued donating another 200 Server to Masters Clan to keep the player community and have fun. I also contributed with my work to keep both -=MC=- servers running and the player community satisfied.

    In spite of the original deal with MC's leader I did not receive help to achive the agreed common goals. Instead of help I started feeling resistance. I never received any explanation thus it took some time to believe whether it's true and whether this behaviour is really intentional. I tried to find the positve explanation that it might be just a coincidence as my presence and help was uninterrupted this time and I never gave a reason for this. After dozens of unanswered emails, Skype messages and a sudden and unexplained ban from the website's control panel the message was clear: my presence and my donation, the 200 Server and the work is not welcome anymore.

    In the last month MC have lost the other server as well which was operated by the management (the Main Server) due to a late payment. Since the server hoster's warning (disabled control panel) was not the first similar event in MC's history I have set up a temporary back up Main Server on the new VPS to make sure there will be no outage in the game services while the payment is being made. Unfortunately the payment was late and the server went down, but fortunately the players did not notice other difference than the changed IP address and the Main Server continued running.

    However the VPS that hosted the 2 servers were sufferring from lack of memory, CPU resources and free space with running the 2 servers in the same time. The only way I was able to assure the flowless game in the last one and the half months that I had to monitor the resource usage of the VPS constantly and optimise it manually in extreme conditions (e.g. large maps, more players). It was a real challenge keeping both game services running like this. The extra work and unchanged negligence made me thinking... why it is useless throwing out hundreds of euros from my own pocket to keep alive a dying horse.

    I was expecting a short message from the management, like "thanks Tony for saving the lost server" or something like that. Nothing... Not an email, a phone call, nothing... In the meantime the old server with the late payment came back online under a different name: -=Masters Clan=- HotServer, still not configured properly. I would have set it up, but there was still no email and no phone call. After a month I gave up and decided stopping my donation: pulling the plug on both servers by the end of this month.

    In the meantime I had to suspend the development of the promised new website and rewritten n4admin. Due to lack of access I was unable to transfer the content of this website to the new one: http://new.masters-clan.com also I ran out of energy. The management handled my work and generosity with negligence, as the most natural thing in the world.

    Two weeks ago the www.masters-clan.com website was down for a week due to inappropriate content administration. It was also not a unique event in MC's history. During this time it was impossible to access the players watchlist, ventrilo contact details and other relevant contents or the opportunity keeping touch. I was not the only Staff Member who had enough and this time we started deep conversations about a major change. Instead of throwing all the hard work out I received financial help from some of the Staff Members. We have decided to leave MC and continue playing online RavenShield with my existing IT infrastructure and a new, modern website: http://smclan.org which is already operational but still will be under development in the next couple of days.

    Naturally the news were going fast and reached the management in hours. Clan members have access to a restricted page on this site which makes this fact very clear. I was not upset anymore as the poor level of communication in the post confirmed what I felt, MC is not a perspective anymore.

    Knowing that they know we are leaving was also a relief, thus they have time to react, repair the unconfigured game server and they can continue hosting the Main Server without my work. Normally such a work takes an hour or two, including uploading maps. There was one whole week which was more than adequate I believe.

    As a farewell I'd like to thank the support and good games to all the players and MC members who were loyal to us all along. Naturally they are welcome to play on our new servers.

    Kind Regards


    Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:34 am Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving

    See you later in the game mate
    Good luck


    Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:23 am Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving

    Thanks Serpico. See you later mate!


    Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:27 am Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving

    In February a very disturbing and angry letter was posted by Master say things like :

    So all the changes that are made by Admins, Co-Admins, Staff Members will , NOT, NOT, NOT go on anymore without my consultation.


    If you are not happy here, leave and go somewhere else and like I saw, all those cheaters are banned on other servers as well, no names, you know...
    This is it, I will take over, and don't fuck with me anymore...
    -=MC=-Master, founder of -=Masters Clan=-
    -=MC=-Tweety financial director of -=MC=-
    -=MC=-The Knight, first member of -=Masters Clan=- and the only one who really cares about the future like I see it now!

    As an Admin i have no idea what this anger, rage and rant is about. I found this disturbing that such a post would be made against members. I wrote a long response asking about it but I received no reply. I just hope members do no think I also was involved.

    NOW another post with a very angry tone.
    "7 days from today for his apologize or things will happen! "

    This time I do agree that things will happen, -=MC=-Mike is over and OUT.

    I do wish all members well and hope to play with all of you again.



    Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:32 am Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving


    See you later in the game mate perfect

    Good luck peace

    P.S.: who is the next ?


    Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:21 pm Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving

    Hate to see all of you go. Hope to see you again some day, in game.

    good luck

    grtz morph

    Morph out


    Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:53 pm Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving

    Im not going to complain about the lack of users online cause as we all know: Ive been studying for university, and studying to become a doctor really reduces my game time.
    Saying that: I still like some game time.

    I want to game without all the bullshit, all the over-the-top admin stuff. Just want ravenshield + group of friends to speak/play online with.
    I haven't got the time or effort with all the 'politics', spying and servers going down.
    So i bid farewell. And I will stay in with the out crowd.

    Hope to play with everyone again. Just rather play without questioning: What is going on behind the scenes? Why has this post been created? Where are the servers? Why the anger? Where did donation money go? (other member's) I have been searching for answers, but just given up cause of the tension. Puzzling.
    Im not leaving cause I dislike or hate anyone in MC, im leaving because I want to game without trying to get my head around things.

    Cheers all for early good games


    Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:59 am Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving

    Wow , this explains so much... I was wondering why I have not seen an MC server up. I don't get on too much anymore due to military work and also my kids extra curricular activities take much of my time. Wish there was a way to get this back on track. And negligence about returning emails, messages, or any form of communication is rude and this is the basis of a relationship... communication and agreeing to certain standards. Well I hope things get better for the clan and other personnel who would like to continue playing RVS. Hope i see the server back up and running.




    Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:24 am Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving

    Hello Crank, thanks for the thoughts mate.

    Well the servers are up and running but under a new team's umbrella which was founded by former MC members.
    Here is the link:

    And naturally you are always welcome as a player.

    Kind Regards


    Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:21 am Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving

    No long speeches, I leave in spite of myself Masters-Clan and become again simple Serpico.
    Hoping to see you soon on the RvS servers.



    Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:33 pm Post subject: No icon Re: Masters Clan staff members leaving