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Black Screen of Death

Hey I have been to your guys website trying to get logged in and set up a profile. I have a question. Right now my Ravenshield isn't working. It was working two days ago and now whenever I start it i get to the two scenes but never all the way to the main menu. Once the two scenes are done it just turns to a black screen. I have also tried this for Black OPs I and all I get is a black screen. When i open task manager it says they are running but there is no stopped responding message. I have check my graphics card it is up to date. I am running an i5 760 @ 2.8GHz with 8 GB ram on a 64 bit Win 7. I have a 650 watt PSU and just got an NVidia 550 for my GPU. I am sure that I have enough to run all these programs but I am coming up at an end..... I CAN'T PLAY GAMES. Any suggestions? Was also going to talk to Mike but can't find his email. I have ran a check on my GPU and it say's its running fine, but I am going to run a check through 3Dmark.....

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Hi Jason,

Welcome to our site. :)

Can you post me a ravenshield.log, that would tell more about what's going on with your video card.

You can contact Mike or anybody through this page: http://smclan.org/our-team but you need to be logged in.

3D mark sounds a good starting point, please send us the result that would also help.

BTW, did you install DX11 recently? That shouldn't be an issue though (I use nVidia with DX11 too), just thinking ahead.

Kind Regards

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Hi and sorry you are having trouble. Tony is our best PC hardware/software information resource. Maybe he and you can get this fixed.

Have you tried any of the Win7 "Compatibility Modes"? Easy to do and worth a try.

I play RvS on Win 7 64 bit and 'Run as Administrator' but I don't think I use a "Compatibility Mode". I will check when I get home.

Tried to run 3DMark but was unable to. It took quite a long time and still didn't even get a diagnostic on my machine. Here are my specs from dxdiag :

Windows 7 Home 64-bit
BIOS Date: 12/16/10 ver 08.00.15
Processor: Intel Core(TM) i5 760 @ 2.80GHz (quad)
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Page File : 3155MB used ; 13223MB avail
DirectX ver: DirectX 11

Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Memory: 4049MB
Current Display: 1680 x 1050 (32 bit) 59GHz
Monitor: Envision G218a1

I have checked updates to my GPU driver and it is up to date. I have also check DirectX and made sure I am running the current DirectX 11 as well. Have no idea why I am unable to run RavenShield, Black OP, or Call of Duty 4. It also says that the program stopped unexpectedly and that I should run in safe mode, which I did and still nothing. I have uninstalled all of my games and reinstalled them and yes they are bought and I don't download games from torrents or anything of that nature. If you are able to shed some light on this, it would be most greatly appreciated. I guess I am back to just being Gato during the games since the MC is gone so hopefully when I get back into gaming and get my system running again. Thanks

Jason formerly Crank

I have talked to ASUS about my GPU and they are looking into it. I have tried updating again and only reinstalled COD: Black OPS since I can't find my disk 1 for Ravenshield..... It is still saying that the game stopped unexpectedly and that I should start in safemode. I don't know if it's my GPU anymore since the SMART Doctor for my ASUS GTX 550 says everything is working properly. I think it might be something in my OS or what not. Since I live out in the boonies it is hard for me to find a reliable and descent computer repair shop. I might have to drive 45min away to the nearest repair store. Tony- I have downloaded that teamviewer and don't have skype on my main computer but maybe I can set up my ventrilo and we can converse like that. It is just puzzling since everything else works on my computer but unable to play PC games. My spades, freecell and all those preloaded games work just fine but it is just the ones I mentioned before that seem to not like to play. Once I try to play it would pop up with a black screen and then minimize itself. In the process tree it will say running but then once I click on the app in the process tree it says not running and takes forever to end the process. I don't know what to do.


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Hello Jason,

Sure I can have a look. Just add me to your Skype contacts or I'll try to stay on Ventrilo in these days. If you prefer Ventrilo I send you an email with it's password.

Jason, the preloaded games are not using the GPU for graphic rendering as they rely on older technologies (software rendering). In other words they are using the CPU.



Yes, ventrilo would probably be the best bet since I don't have skype on my desktop. Yea, I figured it was using the CPU for those preloaded games on the PC instead of the GPU. Just frustrating since going online and shooting some stuff was a past time and stress reliever for me. Now, I can master freecell and mine sweeper since I can't play my PC games. I should be able to set something up on Saturday and hopefully resolve this issue. Thanks