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RvS is in mourning

The game Raven Shield (RvS) exists since a long time now. While the game loses speed for years, some people do everything possible to keep it alive. I do not know him specifically, only reputation and played him a few times, but I think it was one of those people who marked the game RvS. I learned this morning, by xblade, that Don Ronnell aka badDog has passed away ...
I take the liberty of writing this message to keep you informed..... R.I.P mate


Is it the 'Baddog' who was also member on MC?

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R.I.P. BadDog

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Very sad news...prayers for his family.

I only began playing RvS 4 years ago when a friend told me I should try it. Before I joined MC I played on the MC USA sever with BadDag often. He said he would teach me how to play...which was HIS way...lol. He was a tactical player and did not use smoke or frags often and NEVER stood up during play. He ALWAYS played with a G36K. I did learn a lot about tactical play from playing and talking on vent with BadDog and now prefer it myself.

His only problem was he did not like noobs or run-n-gun players and would sometimes remove smokes and frags from the server OR kick and ban players. This caused trouble for him because players would complain to MC about him. After he left MC I only played a couple times with him...too bad we are loosing some of the older good players.

RIP mate. Played with him in RVS once or twice... RIP.