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Flu Shot

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So I told my GP "I don't need a flu shot"...
Flu = Grrrr

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Sorry to hear that you're suffering with your cold/flu. Refusing the flu shot was a good idea, could mess up the immune system even more. What I would suggest Mike, take 3x 500mg or 2x 1000mg Vitamin C, 100-200mg Magnesium, 300mg Calcium and you should be feeling MUCH better in 2 or 3 days. Additional Vitamin B Complex would also be very helpful. Make a tea 2x or 3x a day and squeeze a half a lemon in there. I don't know whether tea shops are popular there, if so you may want to find Chamomile tea which is even better: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matricaria_chamomilla

Vegetable soup with chilli would also be helpful.

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Thanks Tony.

Well a little better today with almost no temp (last 2 days had a temp ~39C). I am brewing a black tea and looking at some Multivitamin/Multiminerals I got a while ago, with good intentions of taking, but never remember to take:) Seem amounts are about 50% of what you suggest however I may just take one at morning and night for a couple of days.

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Well another round....I never seem to get all the stuff going around but this year the flu twice. Finally back at work today after almost a week out.

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Oh dear, sorry to hear that Mike. Have you tried the vitamins I suggested?

Get well mate.

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Humm more trouble...Diverticulitis. On antibiotics for next 7 days. GP says I need more water and fiber. (I've got to keep on this.) I am taking a daily vitamin but I to need to drink more water (I am told Coffee does NOT count) and up my fiber in take. So far 60 has not been so nice to me...but I do need to take better care of myself:)

Get well mate, i'm also have a bad flu and that in combination with my COPD, it's not so funny.

Seems we'll have to install a hospital on the SMC-clan field with Dr. Mabuse as chief on it

See you soon on spawn all

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Sorry to hear that...flu alone is bad but COPD also = very bad. Rest up Scorpion:-)

Not sure I want Mabuse doctoring me but I will be car shopping soon:-)

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I was also not in a good shape in the last few weeks but fortunately doing better and better.
Consider the vitamins and minerals I suggested earlier. They really make a noticeable difference in recovery.

Get well guys!

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Hi Team nice idea with me as chief of hospital. If DrMabuse feels ill, he recommends going to bed with 3 nurses, one blonde,one brunette,one redhair, not older than 25 , maximum 55 Kilo. Important is to wear socks all night. At morning you should have an rich breakfast to get power back. It helps :-)

Get well soon, Mates

Yours Marc

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And 3 in the same time? Oh dear... Well I have to agree with Mike about this stuff: better not being doctored by you LOL