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Slow connection

Hi all,
It's good to be back,
Got some strange thing logging into the servers....all show low ping but give slow D/L speeds...
Any ideas ?

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Hi Elf, I would try to run a speedtest first: http://www.speedtest.net/
Please try it out a couple of times and post the results here and we'll figure it out. :)

On the other hand I tested our server just now and everything seems to be flawless: 100Mbit/s up and down stream.

There you go:

Hopr it is enough data....

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That's weird. Elf, here is a relatively large file directly from our server: http://maps.smclan.org/servers/Scorpion/Apogala_T.utx
Try to download it and monitor the download speed. Post here the minimum, maximum and the approximate average value. You may try it multiple times to see if there is a difference.