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Tango Hunting Time

Mike's picture

My wife likes to watch old TV shows to relax most nights BUT she watches on HULU using my 1Mbit internet...I think I now have a solution. She is getting a Kindle for Christmas.

Hulu TV = bad ping (250+)

Read books on Kindle = watch out tangos:)

(Also this coming weekend we are hosting a family Christmas party:} I will be spending lots of time cleaning:(. We expect about 30-32 people and will do a big meal BUT my family all get along well and it will be a good time)

Tony's picture

LOL sounds like Kindle is indeed a good idea. Tremble tangos! :)

WOW 30-32 ppl, that's a big party.
As for the cleaning, if I'd be living closer I would help you out. :)

I wish you a happy family gathering and good luck with the aftermath! Hope there are going to be some volunteers to help you out.

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So we had 31 for our party...it was a good time and a nice day (but cold 1-3C) so the kids could run around outside:) Had time to spend talking to my 2 brothers who I do not see very often.

My wife has not read any books on her kindle... But I do see her looking at Christmas decorating ideas on Pinterest often:)

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I'm glad that everything went well with the party and you had a good time together with your family. Maybe I should organise a small family gathering too, after I'm finished with renovating my flat. :)

6 new faucets and 3 other taps are installed. Bathroom flooring is done but shortly after I found another leakage in there. Fortunately doesn't affect the new flooring but the plumber could be here in any minute to fix it. Kitchen will be converted a bit too, moved some furnitures and my old tumble dryer got a new place there. Tidying up a bit for Christmas. Sometime in spring time I'll decorate the whole place, hasn't been touched for several years.

As for the Kindle, find some good ebooks online she'd like to read, later it would improve your ping too... ;)

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Big project at work should be done this week. We have been shut down since Dec.24th. Hope to come home with enough energy to do some tango hunting...

Tony's picture

Sounds good Mike, looking forward to it. Drop me a line in Skype when you're online.