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Yesterday it was 5C now -10C tomorrow morning -28C (with wind) and more then 1M of snow 1hr north of me. It is a big storm but I hope I only get a few cm of snow. I have stacked extra fire wood inside...if I don't loose electric power I will be warm:)

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Wow, -19C with wind is tough! I can't imagine what would happen here in such weather conditions. Too bad that you have to work, Xena and I have been reducing their numbers last night, it would be good to see you at spawn too. :)

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-15C this morning (heat wave). Lots of snow just north (about 40km) of me in Syracuse where both of my daughters and live. I only have about 10cm at my house. Later this week the temps are going to reach about 4C...we call that a 'January Thaw'. We seem to get a couple warm days each January that helps clear the roads and melt any ice buildup.

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Whew that's a lot of snow. Yeah, -15C does sound like a relief after -19C. We have 1.6C here, I guess I should start preparing the swimming suit. :)

We had that much snow in 2011, I think I have some photos somewhere, maybe I'll find them at some point. I couldn't get out the house without having heavy boots on. Some 40cm or 50cm it was. It was pretty funny to watch some people outside trying to get their cars on the road with zero experience in such weather conditions.

One of my neighbours tried to make his car move on the ice by laying large cardboards on the ice. Of course the first clutch release has completely destroyed them. Many people had frozen hand break wires, frozen windscreen washers and I saw only one person on the roads with tire chains. Maybe he was a Scottish.

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The UK got 10cm of snow?? Wow that must be a big problem for roads and schools at least. Looks like cold weather also.

Weather here is on the mild side this week with today a warm day at 12C (normal is 3-4C).

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Yes, it is snowing and it is actually a bit deeper by now. I went out for shopping early this morning (5am) but I was unable to get a taxi back home, so I had to take it on foot with too big shopping bags. Even though Iwas wearing gloves, my fingers were freezing.

I just swept my long stairs outside about half an hour ago when it has stopped snowing. As soon as I have finished and came inside, it started snowing again.

There is actually a much deeper snow on the continent, as I heard. About 1m in some high regions. I think it would be great to make it a Raven Shield time. Are you interested? ;)

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Well 25cm of snow a couple days ago....winter starts!

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Oh wow. Sounds like you can get the shovel prepared for the job.

Sorry for the slow response. I log in on a daily basis but somehow I didn't see your message.