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Upgraded Hard Drive ASUS G60VX Laptop

Hey guys,

Just upgraded my laptop hard drive from 320GB to 1TB. I used a program, Apricorn, that I purchased from Best Buy, that hooks up to the Sata hard drive (New 1TB Toshiba notebook)and then transfers all the data and OS to the new hard drive. Once, I successfully transferred the data I then took the new hard drive replaced it with the old one. I assumed that I could just take the old one out and switch it; then take the old hard drive, format it and just use it as extra storage space, boy was I wrong. Not only can I not use it as extra storage but it won't even recognize it when I put it in the second bay in my laptop. I also can not do updates through windows update. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. I was hoping that I could also get my Nvidia 260M GPU, updated as well on this new hard drive. The reason for this upgrade, was that I was running out of room on my 320GB and I didn't think that the updates would keep going. I have tried in safemode trying to install this new hard drive, with no success. Hopefully, you all might have some insight as to what could be wrong. From reading online some say it's the Intel Rapid Technology Program, which I have no idea what it might do. Any ways, I hope you all might have something up your sleeves. Thanks in advance for the help.


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Hey Jason nice to hear from you.

Your HDD upgrade should of gone smooth. I did the same 6 months ago with an old laptop. I put the new drive in an external USB enclosure, made a mirror image on the new drive and switched them. I could use the old drive as extra storage but I had it in the external enclosure.
Here is a link to someone that had your laptop and had to do the same:

Maybe something odd about the way it was formatted or setup??

If the new drive is not recognized I would also see if a BIOS setting is wrong (but I bet you already checked).

Yea, I thought it went smooth as well. It mirrored everything that was on the old hd. I placed the new hd where the old one was and it booted up with no problem. The only thing that happened next, was I am unable to update anything. It just says service is stopped and computer needs to reboot. Which I have done numerous times. I will double check the BIOS again, but didn't see the second hd. I will also check the link you provided. Thanks for the quick reply. Was online not too long ago, but not a whole lot of people on anymore..... :( No, bueno...lol Thanks again.

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Hi Jason,

Sorry for my late response mate, my weekend was a bit busy. First of all I would check whether your image copier program has expanded the old partition on the new hard drive after copy. Boot with the new HDD and check the free space.

BTW what Windows 7 is it? Home? Professional? Ultimate? AFAIK some of them don't support main component replacement.


Hey Tony,

The program I was working with was Apricorn and I am running Windows 7 64 bit Home edition. I would have thought that everything was copied over, since when I mirrored the old hard drive to the new one. I took the new one, replaced the old one and it booted up properly. Once I got it booted up, I tried to run the Windows Update and got an error saying Windows Update service wasn't running and needed to be rebooted. So, I rebooted and tried again and ended up with the same message. I am hoping that it is just a file of some sort that needs to be added to the new hard drive. I have went to Intel website and looked up some forums/ updates; which none were helpful.

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Jason, I understood what you said have been doing mate: you copied over the old hard drives image to the new one. But my question is has the software you used (Apricorn) resized the copied partition on the new hard drive?

Note, the old hard drive was 320GB and you copied its partition image to a larger one as is (and not the files/directories individually to a full-size-formatted partition) therefore the partition size on your new HDD should be 320GB, same as before. (The partition means the effective storage space you can see and use)

What you need to do is check the size of your C: drive in Windows to find out how much it sees, in other words whether the Apricorn has expanded automatically the old 320GB partition to 1TB after copy. If not, which I assume is the case, you need to do it manually in order to see the full 1TB capacity.

Click on the link below and scroll down to the "Extending Windows Partitions or Volumes" section:

Tony, Sorry about that one. Yes, when I copied over the old to new hard drive the partitions were transferred and also resized to conform to the new hard drive. I am just confused to why I am unable to utilize the Windows Update. Could it be there were some type of files on the old hard drive that is embedded onto it? Quite mind boggling, since everything else transferred over properly. Tried looking up on Intel website to see if there is anything that I could find, but nothing has worked.

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Jason, do you remember the TeamViewer app we used for remote help? If you still have it I'd have a look what's going on there to save time. Drop me a mail sometime tomorrow or in the next days. I'm in GMT time zone.

Tony, I will have to download that onto my laptop and see how things go. Don't know when this week, possibly the weekend if you have time, man. Also, tried to start up in safe mode w/ networking. Went to diagnose Windows Update. Came up with this: Package ID: WindowsUpdateDiagnostic; Path: Unknown; Error Code: 0x8E5E0247; Source: Engine; User: Grunts-PC\Grunts; Context: Elevated. I will try to run a dianostic through CMD, as admin.

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Jason, the error message prooves you were right about the Intel Rapid Storage Technology: you have to update its driver. Naturally if you still need help weekend is ok for me as well.