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Xanatos Maps

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Maybe a couple new maps we don't have??



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Ok Mike I'm going to look into it mate. Looks like another day or two and finally I'll be on normal sleep.

I'm going to change a lot of maps on both servers again and perhaps start fixing some of the broken ones. I started repairing maps on the other day though but my pleasure's gone after the editor was keep crashing. I could barely save my work. I just have a list in front of me with those maps I'm about to fix, I won't be bored. :)

Modding is another thing I'd like to continue as soon as I'm done with my main project I mentioned to you.

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Hello everyone. He released 4 new maps recently.

tron_beta2: Impressive arcade. Most old video games came from my country lol.
blackstar_RM2: A remake of past map.
DM_Rankin01: A convertion from Unreal Tournament 2004. Rain emitters are so cool.
Angband_beta1: So fantasic map.

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Tequila - Thanks for the update. Nice to see he is still making maps...not many RvS mapmakers active anymore.

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Sorry for my late response Teq. As soon as I've got some time I'll have a look. Currently I'm setting up a new Linux box that will help us hosting RVS. As soon as I'm done I'll get back to this topic and test some maps for the new setup.

Thanks for bringing it into our attention :)