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New Desk Top PC project

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So I am thinking about putting together a good desk top now while I am still working. I hope to edit the author the Blu-Ray videos I have been taking for 5+ years and have some room for up-grades.
I have an AMD phemom II x4 945 CPU with an AMD HD-7750 video card. They have worked well for 5+ years so I will stay with AMD.

Trying to get good performance without a big $ lay out.

Looking at:
1. ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
2. FX-8350 CPU
3. WD Black 1T HHD (with maybe a 256gb SSD for the OS)
4. 650watt (gold rated) Modular PS
5. Start with Linux to test hardware (then Windows 10 so wife likes it...lol)

Tony did you ever get a full server rack going?

I think AMD is getting ready to release a new line of CPUs?....so I may wait until fall.

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ASUS is a top quality manufacturer, I am sure you are not going to be disappointed with them, but hardware is not really my field so I would not go into deep analysis. :) I had ASUS products every once in awhile since the 90s, aso sold many ASUS products while I was in the hardware business but we never had any serious issues with them.

For desktop use Linux is pretty good but I tried Ravenshield and it didn't work for me, at least the CD version due to the copy "protection". Although you might have some success with the Steam release because it does not load those DLLs.

What do you mean by the full server rack?

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I thought you got an Intel Xeon box you were going to set up. I assume it was a server because the CPU was Intel Xeon?? I know you got an i7 laptop...hope it is still working well for you.

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Alright, yes my Xeon is set up but I did not buy the rack that I was going to. The problem is my home is quite small, only 45m^2 with a single bedroom, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a very small storage room. My lab is semi-detached from the living room so it would not be suitable running it in my lab as it's too big and loud. However, I am going to move out from this place hopefully in the near future and then I'll deal with the server rack.

Currently I am trying to find a suitable house, until then the Xeon is just sitting in the corner. I do turn it on every once in awhile to archive my data on the PC and the laptop, that is what it's used for right now, just an archive server.

The laptop is also fine, I use it mostly in the morning while still in the bed. I used to draw on its screen sometimes, which is a good fun with the stylus. :)

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Guess I will wait for the AMD Zen CPU later this year. It would require a newer CPU socket motherboard.