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Building RVS dedicated server

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Hello Tony.

I have a question regarding building RVS dedicated server.

When I built my internet server, UCC.log tried to be registered on Ubi master server and my server seemed not to work.

So I opened System/Server.ini and changed from




Do you build your server just like this?

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Teq, it has to be False, also those servers we spoke about today are already running a very basic version of OpenRVS. Currently we are working on a more reliable solution.

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Tony thank you for your help.

I have tried but I cannot join in your servers inc Mod Tester.

Router setting? Hmmm...

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I'm running a Lan - dedicated server with newest OpenRVS. IP is

How about?

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What message did you get? No, it can't be the firewall.

The OpenRVS is on the Mod Tester 2 but it doesn't work. We are trying to figure it out why it works for OS and SS but us. We have left the server running during the night, so that others can try it out as well.

For now it's bed time but we will continue tomorrow. I'll get back to you as soon as we have something useful.

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Do you mean it actually works for you now? :O

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Tony I do not know whether OpenRVS works fine or not. I can join in only Lan - dedicated server.