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Amazon Echo Dot

Mike's picture

Picked up an Amazon Dot last week. Fun little toy to play with. I have used it to store shopping list and to-do list which are sent to my phone. It knows lots of facts, weather forecast, sports scores and a few games. Looking at Smart-home controls now for lighting, house temps, car information, audio/video control however hardware cost is too much at this point:)

Tony's picture

I've checked it out, it does seem like an interesting stuff indeed.

Yes, these smart things are expensive. Personally I would be cautious connecting it to lighting, door locks and things like that. In years, it will be widely used and due to popularity it will be also a real paradise for criminals who are specialized in break-ins. Also, because of wifi and internet connection, spywares and viruses will appear soon in order to make it an attractive platform to IT security mafias, who will develop the "cure" for annual fees...