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TheSrgtClan Server

Hello Tony, Hello all! I wanted to let you guys know that the login for Srgt Server does not work off of the list. So far you can log in through just the Ip. Tony is it be because the 7777 was added to the ip on the list by chance? The 7777 is in error because it is not needed. The correct Ip address is Please come in and check out our awesome map lists and extensive weapons options. Good games to all:)

The.SrgtSpank:) on behalf of The.SrgtCarl

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Hello Spank,

The IP address is correct and the 7777 is the default RVS port number. Note the symbol between the IP and the 7777, that is not a dot, but a colon. For instance, please check out the IP addresses of our servers on the front page.

Every server in the RVS serverlist has a port number added to the IP address in the same way and it is necessary, otherwise it could not connect.

Say hello to Carl in my name! ;)
Hope he is alright!


Hmmm alright. Well for some reason it does not work when you try to log in from the list. Can you please troubleshoot that for us? The error message says "Server will not respond" or something to that effect. Not sure what the issue is. I hope that you might have an answer. Thank you for your help. We are most gracious:)



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Thanks for letting me know, I'll pass it to Twilight.

Which OpenRVS version are you using?

Here is the official site where you can download the latest, though: http://rvsgaming.org/

awwww, spank beat me to it. here to tell tony about the same issue. i use the latest version of openrvs, if that helps.

see ya around tony!

lu lu lu

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Thanks for the heads up guys. Apparently OpenRVS does not handle brackets in the server name. I have changed the server name to this: "TheSrgtClan | Full Weps", now it should work.

Hi Tony.
So apparently the ip for the srgt server changed. Could you please forward this info to twi so we could fix it on the log in/ The new ip is Thank you for your assistance. ggs:)



Good morning Tony.
So apparently the ip for the Rs3.Latin.American server changed. Could you please forward this info to twi so we could fix it on the log in/ The new ip is Thank you for your assistance.

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Hello Guys, I have changed both IP addresses.

Thanks again Tony

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New IP's from Carl:

The.SrgtCarl: The.SrgtServer| Full Weps |
The.SrgtCarl: IP=TheSrgtClan.asuscomm.com:7777

The.SrgtCarl: The.SrgtServer| RVS 2.0 |
The.SrgtCarl: IP=TheSrgtClan.asuscomm.com:5888

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