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Announcing New Hardcore Missions Server by cxn

Hello SMClan, I am excited to announce availability of new server dedicated entirely to missions.
"www.PlayNow.gs | missions"

Purpose of this server is to further expand on missions aspect of RVS in particular. To bring actual gameplay as close to hardcore realism as possible. For example random tango patrolling is enabled by default on all maps. Players will be forced to work actual level geometry and not necessarily enemy spawn locations.

Some enemies are also equiped with light or medium armor which unfortunately are not visible in models. Further steps are also taken to reduce availability of real-time information on tactical situation to encourage team communication and planning.

Server currently has 10 maps with Hostage Rescue. There are no plans to include pure Tango Hunt mode into circulation. Work is being done to convert some high quality Tango Hunt maps to accept Hostage Rescue mode. Stay tuned for more announcements.

Server is physically located in Germany/Nuremberg in one of Hetzners data centers to ensure connectivity of highest quality.

Server will be _guaranteed_ to be online for at least next three months from posting this. Very likely to be online for next half a year from posting this.

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Hi cxn, welcome to the RVS community. Your server's added to the serverlist.

Thank you Tony for maintaining services to make this possible.