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I got some private shooting lessons. Love the picture

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Hi Xena,

What kind of weapon is it?
What's the distance?


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I don't know the distance sorry it's not mine my daughter is in to that stuff. She likes to shoot.
Mike knows her she also played raven shield a long time ago.
I send a picture.

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It is a sport rifle if I'm correct. The distance shouldn't be more than 50m I assume.

I am not following guns since 1997, when I "laid my gun" after leaving the army. I only touched airsoft ever since. I used to escort a friend of mine to the gun club across the river and shoot some rounds. Even after 20 years I can still hit the target though. :)

Do you have any luck too? :)

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Great picture and it looks like much fun!

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I only shut one time. My oldest daughter wants to get a new scope. She is not happy with the one that was delivered with the gun.
So I have to wait for a nothing go with it. It's difficult to hit the target right. It's fun mike but if you are shooting and you don't hit anything it's boring.