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New Europe ALLR6.com Rainbow Six 3 Server!

Legacy.ALLR6's picture

Added a Europe server!

ALLR6.com | Tango Hunt EU

As always join our community comms at http://www.R6CHAT.com
Or our forums at http://www.ALLR6.com for the latest updates.
Such as new guns, new sights and scopes, new maps and so much more!

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Hi Rec,

Apparently none of your servers are online for several hours. Is that by intention or something is on our side?


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Super cute avatar haha!

Three of them are down for maintenance on the host end.
EU server will be online shortly I'm just adding maps and files.

Thanks Tony!!!

Tony's picture

Welcome Rec, I had the feeling that it's not on our side, though. The servelist app I'm using on the server is still in development, so just wanted to hear some confirmation.

As for the avatar, yeah the puppy is a heartbreaker. :)