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Hello Guys,

I made this topic to keep you up-to-date on recent changes on the website. Recently I have built a self-updating serverlist on the front page which allows you to see the most basic information of each server. It updates every 10 seconds, so only working servers show up. http://rvsgaming.org/

As you might have read it on the top of the page it is under development. More precisely, the development is delayed, due to a change made by a third party team about a year ago who are developing a new, modern content management system, called Orchard Core that would match our long-term needs. As soon as they are ready, the currently used HTML pages will be replaced with Orchard Core allowing us to do a lot more and a lot easier.

The reason of the delay is that Orchard Core relies on a Microsoft technology called ASP.NET which allows developers to build websites that can match modern needs. Originally the release of Orchard Core was scheduled to last year April, but in 2016 Microsoft has introduced a new version of ASP.NET called ASP.NET Core. Therefore, the Orchard developers decided to redesign their already working code for the new platform, which has delayed the release by more than a year.

During this time I was keeping an eye on the development, which has finally reached the Beta state a few weeks ago and Beta2 will be released in about a week.

Here you can track their work:

So what can we do on rvsgaming.org in long-term once Orchard Core is ready and the website is fully developed?
1. Players will be able to browse servers, maps, players, etc. with similar features that N4Admin provides.
2. We will be able to log in, share our works and ideas. Maps, mods, etc.
3. We can do it all from our mobile phones as well.
4. We can build and maintain a wiki page for RVS. Installation, setting up dedicated servers, map making, modding, etc.
5. Whatever else we want.