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Request to add servers

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My servers IP:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:7777 R6.spain | Tactical Missions
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:7778 R6.spain | Tactical Hunters

By ||BR||**SoLiD**

Thanks smclan

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Update xxxxxxxxxx:7777 R6.spain | Tactical Missions
Update xxxxxxxxxx:7778 R6.spain | Tactical Hunters

European Servers 24/7

Really nice Web site Tony

Thanks smclan

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Good afternoon tony, I'm having problems with my internet company. I will notify you when I have it fixed.

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Hello tony .. Sorry for taking so long to warn, but I already have the server with static ip and ready to order. You can delete the 7777 and 7778 server of before.

For the moment I will have a single cooperative server, this server is rented.

Here is the server information.

# Update IP

# Server name R6.Spain | Tactical Missions

# Game types Terrorist hunt cooperative - Hostage rescue cooperative - Missions cooperative

# Players 6 SLOTS

# Location FRANCE


TONY - I take this opportunity to give my most sincere thanks for the trust. And remind him that he has me ready if he ever needs anything.

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Hello SOLID,

You are welcome, mate. I have added your new server and removed the old ones.

Enjoy it! :)

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Thanks smclan !

Tony check it out when you can: http://smclan.org/node/278