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Request to remove server (Playnow Missions)

due to PlayNow.gs going out of business or something Playnow Missions has been inactive for several weeks.

Wasted one month on Markmods with incorrect server settings where basically I was locked out of account.

Markmods customer support is non existent, they didn't answer a single support ticket during one month of hosting.

It was a good run, some Twitch streamers (from Russia) were even completing missions with commentary.

People were genuinely enjoying random tango patrol which made missions really challenging.
Hostage escort was amazingly difficult with tangos randomly opening doors and running around.


Thank you for providing this service Tony! It was really interesting to explore the missions aspect of RVS.

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Hey cxn,

Thanks for letting me know about it. It is too bad that you didn't have luck with the hosting company. I am also a big fan of Hostage Rescue, I should have played a couple of rounds on your server.

Are you sure you don't want to try other hosters? There are still a few out there. Try to ask around in the community if there is any hoster who's reliable.