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Have some problem downloading this map cant play it (SMC)Brentwood

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What exactly are you experiencing? Can you download it?

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I could not check the download (I already have it) but it loads and plays OK.

I can't download SMC Brentwood either. It says "downloading package smc brentwoood failed: Server refused to send smc brentwood"

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Hmm, that is strange. I will look into this, thanks for the heads up.

SMC Combat Facility is doing the same thing :(

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Hi Krowola. Our server OS was updated then sometime yesterday or today our server was turned off due to a payment problem(my bad). All looks like it is working again but I will have Tony restart the servers and check the redirect.
Sorry for all the trouble you are having. Not many servers to play on anymore.

Tony's picture

Both (SMC)Brentwood and (SMC)CombatFacility has been fixed. They should be working now. Thanks for the feedback to both of you.