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Black Screen on Desktop PC

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Got up this morning and found my PC locked up with a black screen. Had to unplug it to reboot. My wife logged in and started a browser but in 5 minuets it froze again with a black screen. After the third time I shut it down and opened it up. Turned it on and checked fans and heat sinks. The CPU heat sink was dusty and warm so I pulled it off and blew out the dust. The thermal paste was pretty old and dried so I cleaned the CPU and heat sink and put on some new paste. Let it run for 30min then tried some RvS (off line) for another 30min. Seems OK but I think I will get some new paste and re-apply it sometime soon. Feel very lucky that the CPU apparently just shut down when it got hot instead of burning up. Not even sure I could get a new CPU (Phenom II X4 925) for this motherboard.

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Sorry to hear about the trouble, but I'm glad that you could have solved it relatively easily. Yes, the thermal paste is an important factor. You might also want to install HWiNFO64, which is a freeware software that allows you to monitor all kind of sensors on your PC, including thermal sensors.

I tend to vacuum my PC every year. Now that you mentioned your trouble, I'm also going to look into it this week and replace the thermal paste as well, before I get surprised. :)

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Still having trouble with my PC. Now thinking it may be the northbridge chipset overheating. It had thermal paste in the heatsink center and a thermal pad around the outside. The paste was old and hard. I removed the past the pad, cleaned the heatsink and put it back together...it is slightly worse. I have a thermal pad arriving today to put it back the way it was.

I also yesterday ordered a new case, motherboard, Ryzen CPU, memory, SSD and 850w power supply. I will put it all together over the next week. Hope it all goes OK:)

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Grrr PC is slowly getting worse. Not sure what is failing but I suspect the motherboard because I lose video and Keyboard (USB ports). One time it still worked for a few minuets but I had no USB ports. Anyway my parts arrived and I will start putting together a new Ryzen 5 system tomorrow.

New system is up and running and will boot Windows 10 that I just installed. Many updates to do, both Windows and motherboard. Then reinstall all software and files...I am sure it will take many to days to download Steam, RvS and several big programs. Still need to see if I an install and activate MS Office from my old PC.

Update again:
New AMD system is working very well. I installed a 1TB HDD that had a 2 week old backup on it and could restore 90% of all files. MS Office is working (wife very happy). Stopping for a few days to help my daughter move. Likely download Steam and RvS in about a week when I am back home.

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First of all, forgive me for the late reply. For some reason I did not see any updates on the website. I just refreshed the frontpage in my browser, that is how I noticed your messages.

Sorry to hear about the trouble with your old motherboard. When these issues happen, replacing old thermal grease can resolve the issue. They tend to degrade after some time.

As for your new system, I am looking forward to hear how it will perform in games. I am on early daysleep nowadays, but I am online in the afternoon and the late evening. See you at spawn.

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Finally got Steam and RvS installed along with the drivers for my gaming keyboard. Played some off line however the games stutters some as I play. I forget how to fix it but will check video drivers etc.. Leaving to help daughter unpack moving truck tomorrow. It is an 11hr drive and we will be staying a few days. Maybe some RvS online early or mid next week.

I did remember to:
1. set purge=999
2. increase a buffer from 32meg to 64meg
3. turn off VSYNCH

I may be forgetting something else....

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Yes, there are numerous tweaks, but some of them unique to every system. I have uploaded my ravenshield.ini that will hopefully provide you with some help.

File Attachments: 
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Thanks Tony. I just played one map on our servers however I had to join using IP as the server list only had 3 sweservers listed?? Restarted the game a couple time but still only get 3 servers on the list. I did install the v1.3 files from Rvs Gaming and I am at RvS v1.6 in the game so still some minor things to figure out. I will also try to move all my maps from my old SSD to this new system (also am SSD) or I will be downloading for a while:)
Update: Oops I was on LAN...got all the servers now :)

I need to install Mumble and I remember having some trouble the last time getting it to work well. I will also check your ini against my ini and look for differences.

Hope to be back online in a few days however my daughter is due with a baby on the 11th so I will be taking another break!

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Legacy is there a list of what changes the Optimization Patch does to the RavenShield.ini file? I would rather edit the ini file that just run the patch. Thanks.

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I don't have any issues with the serverlist, so it must be on your end.

As for the RavenShield.ini files:
If you make a backup copy of all INI files in RavenShield's directory and run the optimizer, you can find out about the changes by comparing the new files to the original ones with a text comparison tool.

I have attached a screenshot that will give you an idea of how a side-by-side comparison tool works. Note the lines that differ are highlighted.

The program I used is Notepad++ which is freely available. Should you wish to proceed with this method, you will also have to install the "Compare" plugin as per the following article: https://www.guidingtech.com/31357/notepad-plus-plugins/

Once the plugin is installed:
1. Open both files in the editor. They will appear under two different tabs.
2. Select the original file by clicking on the corresponding tab.
3. Navigate to the following menu: Plugins -> Compare -> Set as First to Compare (Ctrl + Alt + 1)
4. Select the new version of the file by clicking on its tab.
5. Navigate to the following menu: Plugins -> Compare -> Compare (Ctrl + Alt + C)

You will get a split screen view of the two files with the differences highlighted.

Good luck.

Fingers crossed for the baby and your daughter. :)