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master server list lags

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Hey Tony just wanted to let you know myself and several others lately have been noticing a bug in the list. Some of the servers disappeaer as if they are offline, like all of the details except for the name go blank, but when you click on them you still join and people are in game. Even after refreshing. Very very strange. Maybe the main server list needs a refresh or however it works?

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Hi Brandon, I am aware of this bug which is in the OpenRVS mod. It is caused by certain map or server names that contain the [ or ] or = symbols but there might also be other symbols causing it.

As a workaround, it should solve the problem if you change those names.

BTW OpenRVS was programmed by Twi. Back in the day when UBI has pulled the plug on the serverlist servers we had to come up with a FAST solution. I took the programming of the serverlist generator and Twi has made the OpenRVS to bypass UBI's old code.

I was trying to explain it to him back in the day that writing a custom INI parser to communicate between the two programs isn't as simple as it seams, it can have many pitfalls. But I think he did not understand those potential error scenarios what I was trying to describe. He really did an amazing job within that little time we had and I didn't want to seem obnoxious with my persistence to find an alternative route to interface the two programs, so I just allowed him to be proud of his custom INI parser. :)

I will ask him to send me his source code and I try to find a permanent solution when I have the time.