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Starting up in a 640 x 480 window

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Suddenly RvS wants to run and play in a 640x480 window. I sometimes can switch to full screen but sometimes not with a 'RvS not responding' message. I checked my .ini file and found 'FullscreenViewportX (and Y)' set to 640x480?? I changed it back to 1920x1080 (where the game option Graphics is set). The game started full window and ran full window as expected. A couple days later the game was again 640x480. I exited and checked the .ini only to find FullscreenViewport back to 640x480 again. Is looks like I need to edit the .ini each time I play however at some point RvS sets FullscreenViewport back to 640x480. Any ideas why??

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Well now things are back to normal, RvS starts up full screen. Only change was a big Windows update! Hard to believe that fixed something...lol.

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Sorry for my late response to this issue. Apparently there is something wrong on my end with the browser as the website shows up unchanged. I could only see your message after I've clicked on the refresh button. :(

As for the issue, this is the correct way to set the ravenshield.ini file:

There is also a known RVS bug that when you start the game and you click on the Windows desktop while its loading, RVS will start in windowed mode.

Hope it helps.

Again, sorry for the late response.


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I had forgotten about that bug. I find that I need to start Mumble, log into SCM and give it a few seconds before starting RvS. It seems to always start full screen then.