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Presidential Bunker


Hey all.

The first map ever made by me: Presidential Bunker seems to be popular on the server.
However it is poorly made, a bit sketchy and missing signs/textures.
So when the new laptop arrives i will remake it and republish it to this community.

Should be a lot better!
Thanks and hope everyone is ok!

Didn't know you are a map-maker too.
So lets look forward to see the result.
Good luck

Scorpion you sticking around for good buddy? Nice to speak again!

Tony's picture

The Presidential Bunker one of my favourite maps. Rebuilding would be a great idea Hipzi. I'm looking forward to it!

Im glad you like it. I love the idea/layout but i feel its poorly made lol

Tony's picture

No it's not so bad Hipzi, don't worry about it.

BTW I sent you 2 emails, have you received them?

Got the email. Sounds great!