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NEW R6 MAP OUT NOW! Cold Storm 2020

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• After 18 years, Rainbow Six 3 is still online today. With many updates from maps to new iron sights & scopes, new weapons, new HD hit effects, more destructible environment, new models, items, custom weapon camo and so many more improvements all around to bring the game closer to todays standards. The best coop ever made...

• I have been releasing many maps recently but Cold Storm is actually two maps labeled as Cold Storm Small and Large. They took me 2 years to design all in. They support Terrorist Hunt and Mission mode specifically.

Mission Objectives:

• Cold Storm Small
A cartel has taken control over of a village in Brazil, your mission is to rescue three hostages and prevent the tangos from detonating a bomb at the water treatment plant.

• Cold Storm Large
Your mission is to rescue two hostages and prevent the Cartel leader who is an accomplished pilot from escaping to the plane on the air strip.

Level Design by Legacy, Sound Editing by Legacy, Trailer Composed by Legacy. Sounds from R6 titles such as Raven Shield, Rogue Spear, Black Arrow, Athena Sword, Iron Wrath as well as Ghost Recon.

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