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will be better after styling :)

Fantastic website and power behind it... Im going to enjoy the upcoming days!

Mike's picture

Great start to a nice looking site.

i wait the styling ;).......hope the website will be simple to navigate (like it is now), and i prefer dark color background....Good continuation.

Tony's picture

Ok but please don't screw up your signature again. I've already fixed it 2 days ago and now again. :) Open your account now and have a look what the link syntax looks like. Entirely different than what you put in there. :)

ok Tony, sorry about my signature but i tried to find the good size (not too big , not too small)...and it seems to be well now.

Tony's picture

No problem Serpico. ;-)

The trick is the standard HTML syntax:

<img src="http://whatever.you.want.to.put.here.com/for/image-file.jpg"/>

The [img][/img] switches are called the BB codes but they are no really standard and not installed here. It would need an additional module but better keep the site clean from foreign links. So please feel free to use the above example.

Kind Reagrds