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4 more years with the Barack Obama

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Yeah I'm just reading the news. Although I have a bad feeling things are not going in the right way mate, regardless which fella gets the leather chair. But not only in the US, in general all over the world.

Especially in the last one or two decades governments are gaining too much power over the people. Little by little. Here in Europe a lot of things were going on like that for centuries, it brings up bad memories.

In Germany things are going stranger and stranger..
The politicans are making laws and laws and laws for stuff thats not nesseceray. They forbid bulb because of energy saving, but forgot that the energy saving lamp needs more power to recycle than it saves!
Thats just one of thousand examples i can give!!!!
One other problem is that we send out our troops worldwide without any protection they would need and call it PEace keeping mission!

So in my opinion we didnt got any more democracy in the way we had! It doesnt care where your cross is set, they are all the same. The politicans are all paid by the same people that had to keep their interests. And the people are too fat and still got enough money for a nice revolution.

And yes Tony, it remains me for the baddest time Germany ever had!