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Studying is killing me... So i need beer!


Heres a quick pic of my study area.
Neurology. Ugh. Give me a cools light please!

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Well sometimes you need some rest otherwise you can burn out. Hope the beer will help though. :)

Try to walk out the nature sometimes, you can charge up quicker if you are away from people and noisy cities. It helped me a lot back in those days.

BTW you going to be a neurologist? :) How many years to go?

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Ah I see your problem....that is light beer mate:) Hey you got take a break and go out with your girl and have some fun.

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Hi Hipzi

from personal experience I can say that it was always easier to learn on a living object.
Thats why im today an Doktor in female body science :-)
It is always advisable to use a bottle of red wine, and smoth music :-)) (the candles are perfect)

Btw in germany we say " I press my thumby for you" that means i wish you good luck !!

your Dr.Mabuse

Hey Hipzi,

keep going! After you did Neurology everything else is soooo easy!
If you need help I will send you a box of good german beer!

BTW, here is the video that I used to get Neurology : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snO68aJTOpM
Ok, I am only the nurse but it helps a bit....

Great posts guys lol!
1.5 more years of BMedSci (Medical Science) degree then 4 years of BM (Medicine)
Then i have to study towards maxillofacial surgery, joy.

Hope everyone is ok!