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New RVS map Another new RVS map 1 year 1 month Tony
Game server issues (SMC)Brentwood 1 year 2 months Tony
Looking for a map Large List of Maps 1 year 4 months Tony
Off topic Huawei Watch GT Classic 1 year 6 months Tony
New RVS map New Map - FIRE - 2019 1 year 7 months Tony
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Tony@Skidawg, I have updated the server's IP. Sorry for the late reply, buddy.8 months 1 day ago
TonyYep, we are keeping RVS alive. :)8 months 1 day ago
SkidawgYou are the man Tony, thanks8 months 22 hours ago
MikeXena thank you for your donation!7 months 3 weeks ago
XenaYour welkom. Have been busy. Sorry for not being around. I hoop to speak to you soon.7 months 3 weeks ago
PsychoPlease note ShadowSquadHQ server ports have been changed. ShadowSquadHQ Adver, IP= and ShadowSquadHQ Coop, IP= also the Shadowsquadhq.com website was migrated to my VPS and we have a functioning N4.6 months 4 days ago
ChaosHi new ip for Sweserver if possible add it to rvsgaming.org and game tracker Only ip is changed the rest is the same5 months 1 week ago
XenaStill here. My husband had some health problems. If I have time, I'll check on the server. God bless 👍🏼2 months 5 days ago
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