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KrowolaTony can you update the IP for The Freedom server to Thanks!2 months 1 week ago
TonyUpdated. You are welcome. :)2 months 1 week ago
MikeTony I believe it is time for Sants hats!2 months 10 hours ago
TonyYou are definitely right! Hats on! :)2 months 5 hours ago
XenaStill living. Trying to stay away from smoking. So I’m very busy. Stopped smoking 23 October. Husband is doing great he is still smoking. I hope you like the donations I give sometimes. And hope to play tomorrow round 10 in the evening x x x Xena3 weeks 6 days ago
TonyHello Xena, glad to see you around. Thank you for your continued donation to SMC, we really appreciate your help. Congratulations to quit smoking. I know it will be difficult if somebody is smoking around you, but just stay strong. Keep it up!3 weeks 6 days ago
TonyI'll be here tonight at that time and we can play some rounds.3 weeks 5 days ago
MikeXena - Thank you for your donations. I hope to play some rounds with you and Tony soon.3 weeks 5 days ago
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