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Off topic Almost ready 2 months 2 weeks Mike
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TonySome update on the development: it will be ready sometime in the weekend. After that you'll see the server list on the front page.1 month 3 days ago
SkidawgThanks Tony, I know alot of people are looking forward to this.1 month 12 hours ago
XenaI’m sorry I’m not online so much my husband was in the hospital. He has something with his heart. He has an inflamed pericardium and heart muscle with a irregular heart rate increased.3 weeks 5 days ago
TonyWow Xena, that sounds quite serious. No worries about not being able to play, it sometimes happens with us as well. I wish him to get well soon!3 weeks 5 days ago
MikeWishing him well also Xena.2 weeks 2 days ago
SkidawgHi Tony, Just saw the homepage. Very Nice1 week 3 days ago
ScorpionAfter many years of struggle against Crohn and cancer disease, MC Master (aka Dominique) died at 07:00 PM today. R.I.P Bro.3 days 13 hours ago
TonyPlease accept my deepest condolonces, Domi, with the same message to his family. We used to think about him and will miss him. Thank you for leting us know.1 day 9 hours ago
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