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Forum Topic Last comment Author
Off topic Grandma 4 months 5 days Legacy.ALLR6
New RVS map NEW R6 MAP OUT NOW! Cold Storm 2020 10 months 1 week Legacy.ALLR6
Modding teste fabrication maps 10 months 2 weeks Tony
Modding unreal mod ravenshield 11 months 2 weeks Tony
Game server issues N4admin 11 months 3 weeks Tony
Adding and changing servers in the serverlist (Srgt)Server 1 year 2 weeks Carlous20
New RVS map New CoronaVirus map is online 1 year 2 weeks Tony
Adding and changing servers in the serverlist Adding and changing servers in the serverlist 1 year 3 weeks Tony
Modding Twi's Server Mod 3 Released 1 year 1 month Tony
General PC issues New ISP 1 year 1 month Legacy.ALLR6
General PC issues Black Screen on Desktop PC 1 year 3 months Legacy.ALLR6
RVS community Welcome to 2020 Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield 1 year 4 months Legacy.ALLR6
RVS installation issues Starting up in a 640 x 480 window 1 year 4 months Mike
Game server issues master server list lags 1 year 6 months Tony


SkidawgThank You Tony, you da man!!!3 months 4 days ago
KrowolaHey Tony OS Coop IP has also changed to OS JigglyPuff is having a hard time getting into his account on your website and asked if i could post for him. He is so needy! lol Thank you!2 months 4 weeks ago
TonyAll sorted. Krowola, please tell JigglyPuff sorry for the inconvenience with the website. Many people have reported similar issues. My hands are full at the moment, but once I can find the time I will address this matter.2 months 3 weeks ago
TequilaThank you very much Tony. I hope you got well. Stay lucky.2 months 3 weeks ago
TequilaHi Tony. Could you update my server's IP? New IP is Thank you for your keeping RVS multiplayer games.1 month 3 weeks ago
TequilaThank you Tony and I found some old adv maps in HkM server... So interesting!1 month 2 weeks ago
TonyI am glad to see you return playing RVS Teq and that you are still enjoying the game. :)1 month 2 weeks ago
TequilaWe got old lol1 month 2 weeks ago
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