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Server rules

  1. For accidental team kill or team gimp we don't require committing suicide. Make a simple apology, continue the round and be careful to avoid a recurring event.
  2. Zero tolerance for intentional team kill, aka TK. For intentional teamkill we instantly ban the perpetrators without interview. No matter who they are, why or who started, who returned and for what excuse.
  3. Resolve an issue in the peaceful way. If somebody disobeys the rules, NEVER take action with your gun because it will also fall under the rule #1. Use the 'votekick' command in the console and invite other players to confirm your vote by using the 'vote 1' command from console (without quotation marks for both) or vote yes from the menu during game play. If you can not resolve the incident please report it on our website with the time, date, server name and the player's name. Events are logged and we can take care of them subsequently.
  4. Use the 'votekick' command for the good cause. The 'votekick' command allows constructive players protecting themselves from malicious ones. Abusing it results in instant ban.
  5. Avoid profanity, criticising others, their equipment or scores. Remember, it is not a competition but a mission, accomplishing the objective together. Everybody has their own skills and taste. Some play better, some not. We all started somewhere and we all have the right to play as long as it does not inhibit others joy.
  6. Use of silencer is mandatory. Failing to attach one the player will start the round with empty clips. On terrorist hunt servers secondary weapons have no silencer restriction, on hostage rescue servers all firearms should be silenced.
  7. Get your pistol and run when you are the last survivor. Remember, the Run&Gun or Zulu is a fun suicide run. Your action should reflect that you want to increase the chance of your teammates joining and clear the map together in the next round. Therefore, avoid crouching or using tertiary weapons. Finish the map when the number of living tangos lesser than approximately 10.
  8. Choose an appropriate nick name. The default JOHNDOE name is not allowed. You must rename it before the round starts or as soon as possible. "SMC" tags are reserved for our clan members.
  9. Do not leave your character unattended in game. If you are away from keyboard please switch your avatar to spectating mode and mute your microphone on our VoIP channels.