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TonyVery nice looking map Brandon. A lot of detail. I'm pretty sure you've spent a couple of hundreds of hours making it. :)1 year 7 months ago
TonyBox is being upgraded. SMC will be back shortly.1 year 6 months ago
TonyThe system has been upgraded. Everything is back to normal.1 year 6 months ago
SOLIDEy SMC ! I can`t post on the thread1 year 4 months ago
TonyHi SOLID. What error message did you get? Try to delete the cookies.1 year 4 months ago
SOLIDWhen click in send, load the page in white and empty.1 year 4 months ago
TonySorry for my late response SOLID. That is strange as it works for me. In which topic are you trying to post?1 year 4 months ago
MikeHope you all had a wonderful Christmas day!1 year 4 weeks ago
Mike2020 and RavenShield is still alive...thanks to many who made it happen and still play the game!1 year 6 days ago
Tony:-)11 months 3 weeks ago
KrowolaTony or Mike can you replace the current Freedom server IP with Please and thank you!11 months 2 weeks ago
TonySorted, Krowola.11 months 1 week ago
XenaHello can I still give something to help ravens hield running. 💰 Mike is still good.11 months 4 days ago
MikeHi Xena! Our PayPal account at is still active. Hope to see you in game soon.11 months 2 days ago
SkidawgHey Guys, had issues with Fragnet Chicgo. had to move the serer to Dallas. Can you update our IP? months 20 hours ago
SkidawgThanks in Advance.11 months 20 hours ago
SkidawgFYI - Talked to TWI and he is working on ServerMod3 for RVS - 2020 and still going stong like Mike said!!!11 months 20 hours ago
SkidawgAs I did not add it to the chat the IEF Everything server months 4 weeks ago
Tony@Skidawg, I have updated the server's IP. Sorry for the late reply, buddy.10 months 4 weeks ago
TonyYep, we are keeping RVS alive. :)10 months 4 weeks ago
SkidawgYou are the man Tony, thanks10 months 4 weeks ago
MikeXena thank you for your donation!10 months 3 weeks ago
XenaYour welkom. Have been busy. Sorry for not being around. I hoop to speak to you soon.10 months 3 weeks ago
PsychoPlease note ShadowSquadHQ server ports have been changed. ShadowSquadHQ Adver, IP= and ShadowSquadHQ Coop, IP= also the Shadowsquadhq.com website was migrated to my VPS and we have a functioning N4.9 months 2 days ago
ChaosHi new ip for Sweserver if possible add it to rvsgaming.org and game tracker Only ip is changed the rest is the same8 months 1 week ago
XenaStill here. My husband had some health problems. If I have time, I'll check on the server. God bless 👍🏼5 months 3 days ago
PsychoFragnet changed ShadowSquadHQ Game Server IPs. Tony can you update these please, thanks. New IPs for ShadowSquadHQ servers are as follows. COOP: and Adver: Please let me know if you experience any problems2 months 1 week ago
TequilaHello Tony, Mike. I have returned to this old game RVS world lol ! I wish to say thank you to Stephen and I have a suggestion to him... Could you let me know his e-mail address? Thanks. tequilarvs atmark gmail.com2 weeks 3 days ago
TequilaTony thank you keeping RVS alive, if you are interested in, visit Discord Community.2 weeks 3 days ago
SkidawgHi Tony IEF Everything IP has changed can we get this updated? Also not sure if you have already done this but Freedoms changed a few weeks back - Thank you in advance1 week 6 hours ago
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