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MikeHi Xena! Our PayPal account at is still active. Hope to see you in game soon.1 year 2 months ago
SkidawgHey Guys, had issues with Fragnet Chicgo. had to move the serer to Dallas. Can you update our IP? year 2 months ago
SkidawgThanks in Advance.1 year 2 months ago
SkidawgFYI - Talked to TWI and he is working on ServerMod3 for RVS - 2020 and still going stong like Mike said!!!1 year 2 months ago
SkidawgAs I did not add it to the chat the IEF Everything server year 2 months ago
Tony@Skidawg, I have updated the server's IP. Sorry for the late reply, buddy.1 year 2 months ago
TonyYep, we are keeping RVS alive. :)1 year 2 months ago
SkidawgYou are the man Tony, thanks1 year 2 months ago
MikeXena thank you for your donation!1 year 2 months ago
XenaYour welkom. Have been busy. Sorry for not being around. I hoop to speak to you soon.1 year 2 months ago
PsychoPlease note ShadowSquadHQ server ports have been changed. ShadowSquadHQ Adver, IP= and ShadowSquadHQ Coop, IP= also the Shadowsquadhq.com website was migrated to my VPS and we have a functioning N4.1 year 3 weeks ago
ChaosHi new ip for Sweserver if possible add it to rvsgaming.org and game tracker Only ip is changed the rest is the same12 months 4 days ago
XenaStill here. My husband had some health problems. If I have time, I'll check on the server. God bless 👍🏼8 months 4 weeks ago
PsychoFragnet changed ShadowSquadHQ Game Server IPs. Tony can you update these please, thanks. New IPs for ShadowSquadHQ servers are as follows. COOP: and Adver: Please let me know if you experience any problems6 months 5 days ago
TequilaHello Tony, Mike. I have returned to this old game RVS world lol ! I wish to say thank you to Stephen and I have a suggestion to him... Could you let me know his e-mail address? Thanks. tequilarvs atmark gmail.com4 months 1 week ago
TequilaTony thank you keeping RVS alive, if you are interested in, visit Discord Community.4 months 1 week ago
SkidawgHi Tony IEF Everything IP has changed can we get this updated? Also not sure if you have already done this but Freedoms changed a few weeks back - Thank you in advance4 months 2 days ago
TonyHello Guys, my apologies for the absence in the recent 2 weeks. Real life has got in the way. I will get it sorted Skidawg tomorrow, when I can get near my pc.3 months 3 weeks ago
SkidawgHey Tony, i know what you mean. Freedoms is working but IEF's link is not thanks again in advance3 months 1 week ago
XenaI have time to play some rounds after coffee. Hope to play some rounds spectator nou in game3 months 1 week ago
Tony@Skidawg, I've fixed it, the port number was wrong. It's in the server list now so it should be alright.3 months 1 week ago
TequilaTnoy, could you add my "Teq's Nihi6en" in list? IP is, port is 7777. Also I wish to say thank you to Swe Server's admin. Could you inform his mail address via private message? I hope you are well...3 months 1 week ago
SkidawgThank You Tony, you da man!!!3 months 4 days ago
KrowolaHey Tony OS Coop IP has also changed to OS JigglyPuff is having a hard time getting into his account on your website and asked if i could post for him. He is so needy! lol Thank you!2 months 4 weeks ago
TonyAll sorted. Krowola, please tell JigglyPuff sorry for the inconvenience with the website. Many people have reported similar issues. My hands are full at the moment, but once I can find the time I will address this matter.2 months 3 weeks ago
TequilaThank you very much Tony. I hope you got well. Stay lucky.2 months 3 weeks ago
TequilaHi Tony. Could you update my server's IP? New IP is Thank you for your keeping RVS multiplayer games.1 month 3 weeks ago
TequilaThank you Tony and I found some old adv maps in HkM server... So interesting!1 month 2 weeks ago
TonyI am glad to see you return playing RVS Teq and that you are still enjoying the game. :)1 month 2 weeks ago
TequilaWe got old lol1 month 2 weeks ago
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