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TonySolid, I am going to bed early tonight. How about weekend?1 year 1 month ago
SOLIDLast night I was playing some missions for two hours, and I went to bed tired. Today Saturday I will connect to play. Let me know when you are online.1 year 1 month ago
TonyI can not tell when I am going to be online as my days are hectic, but I'll try to be here around 9pm GMT, which is 10pm for you.1 year 1 month ago
SOLIDAll right sir. :)1 year 1 month ago
cryofthewild.96Tony, could you please add "The Bean Factory" w/ IP to server list? Thanks.1 year 3 weeks ago
XenaTony can you give me some information about donations to your fabulous work. I’m not much online because of my husband. You know my email. Thanks Xena1 year 2 weeks ago
MikeXENA - Thank you:)1 year 1 week ago
XenaMy husband has had his cardioversion. So I hope I can play a game again in the evening. It's going well with my husband now. I hoop you got my donations. Regards Xena11 months 2 weeks ago
MikeXena glad he is doing better and YES I received your Donation. Thank You!11 months 2 weeks ago
cryofthewild.96Tony, could you please update "The Bean Factory" w/ IP on the server list? Thanks again.8 months 3 weeks ago
TonyUpdated CTW8 months 3 weeks ago
cryofthewild.96Thanks Tony. When you get a min, would you mind changing the default server name to "Bean Factory | Coop" ? Also, do you know where I could find custom maps like remakes of the original r6/rogue spear maps?8 months 3 weeks ago
TonyI have updated the server name. Unfortunately I don't know about any website for rouge spears maps.8 months 2 weeks ago
XenaYou still online Tony6 months 2 weeks ago
TonyHello Xena, no I have shut down the PC after we talked and went to sleep. The website might still show "online" status for up to an hour because I didn't click on the "log out" before I left. It was good to play after so many months.6 months 1 week ago
TonyI think I'll be online tonight and hopefully we can play some rounds, if you also have the time.6 months 1 week ago
KrowolaTony can you update the IP for The Freedom server to Thanks!5 months 2 weeks ago
TonyUpdated. You are welcome. :)5 months 2 weeks ago
MikeTony I believe it is time for Sants hats!5 months 6 days ago
TonyYou are definitely right! Hats on! :)5 months 6 days ago
XenaStill living. Trying to stay away from smoking. So I’m very busy. Stopped smoking 23 October. Husband is doing great he is still smoking. I hope you like the donations I give sometimes. And hope to play tomorrow round 10 in the evening x x x Xena4 months 3 days ago
TonyHello Xena, glad to see you around. Thank you for your continued donation to SMC, we really appreciate your help. Congratulations to quit smoking. I know it will be difficult if somebody is smoking around you, but just stay strong. Keep it up!4 months 3 days ago
TonyI'll be here tonight at that time and we can play some rounds.4 months 2 days ago
MikeXena - Thank you for your donations. I hope to play some rounds with you and Tony soon.4 months 2 days ago
SkidawgHi Tony, IEF Everything IP just changed. Can you update ours? Thanks in advance2 months 2 weeks ago
SkidawgAlso the Wild Wild West server can be removed as I shut it down2 months 1 week ago
TonyUpdated Skidawg. Sorry for the late response, I was offline for many days.2 months 1 week ago
SkidawgNo Worries, Thanks Tony2 months 1 week ago
XenaHello. Have had some health problems. Have fallen from stairs and my calf muscle ruptured Hoop to play some rounds soon.4 days 3 hours ago
TonyOh wow Xena. I hope it is not too serious. You'll find me on VOIP as usual whenever I'm online. I wish you to get well soon!3 days 31 min ago
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