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XenaHello. Have had some health problems. Have fallen from stairs and my calf muscle ruptured Hoop to play some rounds soon.1 year 5 months ago
TonyOh wow Xena. I hope it is not too serious. You'll find me on VOIP as usual whenever I'm online. I wish you to get well soon!1 year 5 months ago
MikeXena - Oh dear, get well soon.1 year 5 months ago
Legacy.ALLR6https://youtu.be/vZi-Pu7nWHI latest map1 year 4 months ago
TonyVery nice looking map Brandon. A lot of detail. I'm pretty sure you've spent a couple of hundreds of hours making it. :)1 year 4 months ago
TonyBox is being upgraded. SMC will be back shortly.1 year 3 months ago
TonyThe system has been upgraded. Everything is back to normal.1 year 3 months ago
SOLIDEy SMC ! I can`t post on the thread1 year 2 months ago
TonyHi SOLID. What error message did you get? Try to delete the cookies.1 year 1 month ago
SOLIDWhen click in send, load the page in white and empty.1 year 1 month ago
TonySorry for my late response SOLID. That is strange as it works for me. In which topic are you trying to post?1 year 1 month ago
MikeHope you all had a wonderful Christmas day!10 months 5 days ago
Mike2020 and RavenShield is still alive...thanks to many who made it happen and still play the game!9 months 1 week ago
Tony:-)8 months 3 weeks ago
KrowolaTony or Mike can you replace the current Freedom server IP with Please and thank you!8 months 2 weeks ago
TonySorted, Krowola.8 months 1 week ago
XenaHello can I still give something to help ravens hield running. 💰 Mike is still good.8 months 6 days ago
MikeHi Xena! Our PayPal account at is still active. Hope to see you in game soon.8 months 4 days ago
SkidawgHey Guys, had issues with Fragnet Chicgo. had to move the serer to Dallas. Can you update our IP? months 2 days ago
SkidawgThanks in Advance.8 months 2 days ago
SkidawgFYI - Talked to TWI and he is working on ServerMod3 for RVS - 2020 and still going stong like Mike said!!!8 months 2 days ago
SkidawgAs I did not add it to the chat the IEF Everything server months 1 day ago
Tony@Skidawg, I have updated the server's IP. Sorry for the late reply, buddy.8 months 1 day ago
TonyYep, we are keeping RVS alive. :)8 months 1 day ago
SkidawgYou are the man Tony, thanks8 months 22 hours ago
MikeXena thank you for your donation!7 months 3 weeks ago
XenaYour welkom. Have been busy. Sorry for not being around. I hoop to speak to you soon.7 months 3 weeks ago
PsychoPlease note ShadowSquadHQ server ports have been changed. ShadowSquadHQ Adver, IP= and ShadowSquadHQ Coop, IP= also the Shadowsquadhq.com website was migrated to my VPS and we have a functioning N4.6 months 4 days ago
ChaosHi new ip for Sweserver if possible add it to rvsgaming.org and game tracker Only ip is changed the rest is the same5 months 1 week ago
XenaStill here. My husband had some health problems. If I have time, I'll check on the server. God bless 👍🏼2 months 5 days ago
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