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TonyHello Teq, thanks for the invite but I am quite busy in these days. We'll see after the summer. :)1 year 5 months ago
TequilaHi nice to hear from you again Tony. It's very nice to be busy. Enjoy your life and see you again on Discord!1 year 5 months ago
TequilaTony, plz update my server IP... Thank you!1 year 4 months ago
TonyUpdated Teq.1 year 4 months ago
TequilaThank you Tony.1 year 4 months ago
cryofthewild.96Tony, could you remove "The Bean Factory | Coop" from the server list as it's no longer online? thanks.1 year 4 months ago
TonyThanks Cry, TBF removed.1 year 4 months ago
XenaTrying to get everything working here on my site. Hope to play again later when everything is working 100%1 year 3 months ago
XenaGot a problem with downloading SMC fortress the package failed to send1 year 3 months ago
TonyThanks for the feedback Xena. That is actually a map I am modding. I just uploaded a new version of it (map 32), could you please tell me something more specific what error message you get? Cheers1 year 3 months ago
MikeHi Xena! Happy to see you are trying to get RvS working.1 year 3 months ago
XenaIts working great again. Have to practice some maps. I have some here. It's not 100% but it's also some years that I played. Hope to see you soon1 year 3 months ago
XenaTony I put the message down on paper. Downloading package (SMC) fortress; server refused to send (SMC) fortress...... hope it helps you1 year 3 months ago
TequilaTony, I found that you have finished many modefied SMC maps... GJ! I have downloaded them lol1 year 3 months ago
TequilaBTW, I have never seen "serpico_land" map. Olikam made this map for Masters Clan at past?1 year 3 months ago
TequilaAnd, we cannot play (SMC)Combat_FacilityR2 in Tactical server.1 year 3 months ago
TonyHello Teq, thanks for the feedback, I've fixed that error. Some maps have been renamed recently.1 year 3 months ago
TonySerpico Land was made by Serpico, old MC mapmaker. That was his first map, I believe.1 year 3 months ago
TequilaTony, Action server seems to have a problem. Whenever I go from SOD_ChinaTownPark to (SMC)Aeroq3, the maplist returns to the 1st map penthouse... :-(1 year 2 months ago
TonyThanks Teq, problem fixed.1 year 2 months ago
TequilaNop. And another issue. When I shift map from (SMC)PoolShark to (SMC)MortelClan, the server returns to penthouse again :-(1 year 2 months ago
cryofthewild.96hey Tony, could you please re add "The Bean Factory | Classics" w/ ip ? thanks.1 year 2 months ago
cryofthewild.96Tony, could you update "The Bean Factory | Classics" w/ ip (thanks)1 year 2 weeks ago
cryofthewild.96or "The Bean Factory | Classics" w/ ip year 2 weeks ago
Tonysorry cryofthewild, I didn't realize that you sent an update request. I would suggest you to next time please open a topic in forums because that gives me a more noticable heads up for new content. Cheers. BTW, your IP has been updated :)1 year 1 week ago
cryofthewild.96Hey Tony. Thanks for the update, but can remove "The Bean Factory | Classics" from the server list. Taking a break from gaming.1 year 5 days ago
TonyOk, thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate that. Hope you'll return soon.1 year 5 days ago
MikeAbout time for Santa Hats!10 months 1 week ago
TonySorted. Thanks for the reminder, Mike.10 months 1 week ago
XenaAlmost ready with moving from Leiderdorp to Leiden. So I can play again. Hope to see everyone soon.10 months 1 hour ago
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