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TequilaAnd, thank you for your updating!1 year 3 months ago
TequilaTony, enjoy discussion with other modders on Discord if you okay.1 year 3 months ago
TequilaRecently I'm so busy but I'm happy to talk with akpin. again so much. Sometimes talk with Twi and he is always the best modder as you know.1 year 3 months ago
TequilaCome on mate.1 year 3 months ago
TonyHello Teq, thanks for the invite but I am quite busy in these days. We'll see after the summer. :)1 year 3 months ago
TequilaHi nice to hear from you again Tony. It's very nice to be busy. Enjoy your life and see you again on Discord!1 year 3 months ago
TequilaTony, plz update my server IP... Thank you!1 year 2 months ago
TonyUpdated Teq.1 year 2 months ago
TequilaThank you Tony.1 year 2 months ago
cryofthewild.96Tony, could you remove "The Bean Factory | Coop" from the server list as it's no longer online? thanks.1 year 2 months ago
TonyThanks Cry, TBF removed.1 year 2 months ago
XenaTrying to get everything working here on my site. Hope to play again later when everything is working 100%1 year 1 month ago
XenaGot a problem with downloading SMC fortress the package failed to send1 year 1 month ago
TonyThanks for the feedback Xena. That is actually a map I am modding. I just uploaded a new version of it (map 32), could you please tell me something more specific what error message you get? Cheers1 year 1 month ago
MikeHi Xena! Happy to see you are trying to get RvS working.1 year 1 month ago
XenaIts working great again. Have to practice some maps. I have some here. It's not 100% but it's also some years that I played. Hope to see you soon1 year 1 month ago
XenaTony I put the message down on paper. Downloading package (SMC) fortress; server refused to send (SMC) fortress...... hope it helps you1 year 1 month ago
TequilaTony, I found that you have finished many modefied SMC maps... GJ! I have downloaded them lol1 year 1 month ago
TequilaBTW, I have never seen "serpico_land" map. Olikam made this map for Masters Clan at past?1 year 1 month ago
TequilaAnd, we cannot play (SMC)Combat_FacilityR2 in Tactical server.1 year 1 month ago
TonyHello Teq, thanks for the feedback, I've fixed that error. Some maps have been renamed recently.1 year 1 month ago
TonySerpico Land was made by Serpico, old MC mapmaker. That was his first map, I believe.1 year 1 month ago
TequilaTony, Action server seems to have a problem. Whenever I go from SOD_ChinaTownPark to (SMC)Aeroq3, the maplist returns to the 1st map penthouse... :-(1 year 4 weeks ago
TonyThanks Teq, problem fixed.1 year 4 weeks ago
TequilaNop. And another issue. When I shift map from (SMC)PoolShark to (SMC)MortelClan, the server returns to penthouse again :-(1 year 4 weeks ago
cryofthewild.96hey Tony, could you please re add "The Bean Factory | Classics" w/ ip ? thanks.1 year 3 weeks ago
cryofthewild.96Tony, could you update "The Bean Factory | Classics" w/ ip (thanks)10 months 3 weeks ago
cryofthewild.96or "The Bean Factory | Classics" w/ ip months 2 weeks ago
Tonysorry cryofthewild, I didn't realize that you sent an update request. I would suggest you to next time please open a topic in forums because that gives me a more noticable heads up for new content. Cheers. BTW, your IP has been updated :)10 months 2 weeks ago
cryofthewild.96Hey Tony. Thanks for the update, but can remove "The Bean Factory | Classics" from the server list. Taking a break from gaming.10 months 1 week ago
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