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MikeSure, I will check for you on Mumble...2 years 9 months ago
MikeWoot....map testing :)2 years 8 months ago
TonyYep, I'm looking forward to the next one. I don't know when I'll be online but I'll be on Mumble. :)2 years 8 months ago
TonyTactical Server was down for some reason, restarted it.2 years 6 months ago
MikeSerpico - Nice to see you again...hope to see you at spawn2 years 3 months ago
PsychoTony can you add to your list. SSHQ ZOMBIES are back2 years 5 days ago
TonyPsycho, Zombie server added. Have fun! ;)2 years 2 days ago
TequilaHi Tony, my server's new IP. Plz update.1 year 12 months ago
Ebk:P1 year 12 months ago
TequilaTony thank you for your updating!1 year 11 months ago
TequilaNew server by TheSrgtCarl! "TheSrgtClan ( Full Weps )" Please Update.1 year 11 months ago
TonySorted, Tequila. The server is on the list.1 year 10 months ago
TequilaMy server IP is now year 10 months ago
TonyI've updated it Tequila1 year 10 months ago
TequilaHi Tony, I've found another server. The server name is "(FFN) Friday Fun Nights T-Hunt" and their IP is They have their Facebook site.1 year 10 months ago
TequilaThis is it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/RavenshieldFFN/1 year 10 months ago
TequilaFFN Server is still alive.1 year 10 months ago
TonyTequila, I am unable to open the page as I don't have Facebook. Could you please post the IP and the port number here. Cheers1 year 10 months ago
TequilaTony I have checked again... (FFN) Friday Fun Nights T-Hunt1 year 10 months ago
TonyThanks Tequila, added.1 year 10 months ago
RecognitionJoin Rogue Spear | R61 Maps + Server <3 for ggs! KEEP RVS ALIVE! <31 year 9 months ago
RecognitionTequila I got your server listed at http://www.thesrgtclan.com/lgsl/index.php1 year 9 months ago
RecognitionOh no it didnt work whats the Tequila IP again?1 year 9 months ago
TequilaI' usually opening server on weekends.1 year 9 months ago
TonyMerry Christmas Everyone!1 year 9 months ago
SoltekGMhola tengo problemas con mi servidor Rs3.Latin.American | Mods, No logro conectar1 year 9 months ago
SoltekGMI already found the solution "thanks tony"1 year 9 months ago
SoltekGMJoin "Rs3.Latin.American | Mods" Server ON 24/71 year 9 months ago
TonyI am glad that you have solved the problem1 year 9 months ago
SoltekGMThanks toni, could you enter my server to check that everything is ok?1 year 9 months ago
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