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TonyTequila, I am unable to open the page as I don't have Facebook. Could you please post the IP and the port number here. Cheers2 years 5 months ago
TequilaTony I have checked again... (FFN) Friday Fun Nights T-Hunt2 years 5 months ago
TonyThanks Tequila, added.2 years 5 months ago
RecognitionJoin Rogue Spear | R61 Maps + Server <3 for ggs! KEEP RVS ALIVE! <32 years 5 months ago
RecognitionTequila I got your server listed at http://www.thesrgtclan.com/lgsl/index.php2 years 5 months ago
RecognitionOh no it didnt work whats the Tequila IP again?2 years 5 months ago
TequilaI' usually opening server on weekends.2 years 5 months ago
TonyMerry Christmas Everyone!2 years 4 months ago
SoltekGMhola tengo problemas con mi servidor Rs3.Latin.American | Mods, No logro conectar2 years 4 months ago
SoltekGMI already found the solution "thanks tony"2 years 4 months ago
SoltekGMJoin "Rs3.Latin.American | Mods" Server ON 24/72 years 4 months ago
TonyI am glad that you have solved the problem2 years 4 months ago
SoltekGMThanks toni, could you enter my server to check that everything is ok?2 years 4 months ago
SoltekGMjoin my server "Rs3.Latin.American | Mods"2 years 4 months ago
SoltekGMI'm going to install windows 10, I'll be offline. 1 day2 years 4 months ago
SoltekGMMy ip now is 181,197,187,123 // Change please2 years 4 months ago
SoltekGMTony please, could you put a section where we can publish our dynamic ip every time it change?2 years 4 months ago
RecognitionSoltek set a static IP?2 years 4 months ago
XeiaieXHello! Please add "XeiaieX |Stock Maps|ADV TDM/DM|" to the server list. Thank you! IP: years 4 months ago
SoltekGMAnd as I configure a static ip ?, my private ip is years 3 months ago
RecognitionSoltekGM feel free to post your server info at http://allr6.com Cheers2 years 3 months ago
SoltekGMHas changed my ip again. My new ip is "" Sorry for the inconvenience Tony2 years 3 months ago
Recognitionlol Soltek2 years 3 months ago
Ebksome more coopswe servers are up. 7775 7776 77782 years 3 months ago
Ebk81.225.214.61: 7775 & 7776 & 77782 years 3 months ago
SoltekGMMy new ip is now: "" for "Rs3.Latin.American | Mods" thank Tony2 years 3 months ago
RecognitionZOMBIES HIGHSCORE! CAN YOU BEAT IT? http://allr6.com/discuss/viewtopic.php?pid=324#p3242 years 3 months ago
TequilaMy new IP... Thanks Tony!2 years 2 months ago
SoltekGMMy new IP... Thanks Tony!2 years 2 months ago
SoltekGMMy new IP... Thanks Tony!2 years 2 months ago
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